NorthPoint Data Warehouse

NorthPoint Data Warehouse

ACA's NorthPoint Data Warehouse aggregates trading, performance, risk, and company data into a single, easy-to-use platform coupled with full Knowledge Date support that enables investment managers to make better, faster decisions to improve performance, reduce risk, and increase efficiency.



NorthPoint Data Warehouse

  • Aggregates trading, performance, risk, and company data into a single, easy-to-use platform
  • Integrates with the NorthPoint Performance Engine for calculating, presenting, and analyzing performance data
  • Includes built-in connectors for most third-party systems, service providers, and data feeds
  • Includes a standard report suite and tools for creating custom and ad hoc reports without the need for custom development
  • Access your data from multiple platforms, including mobile devices
  • Can be installed on a private cloud network hosted by a third party or on a local network
  • Reduces the total cost of ownership through quick and easy implementations and minimal support requirements
  • Offered with the NorthPoint IMS and/or ACA Regulatory Reporting and as a stand-alone solution


Central Data Repository

  • Includes predefined schemas for securities, transactions, tax lots, positions, prices, counterparty, cash, and other reference data
  • Easily import new data sources (such as risk)
  • Automatically updates data based on changes made in mapped data files
  • Ensures the consistency of historical data and real-time data via the included calculations and data exchange engine

Powerful Reporting Tools

  • Run reports for trading, P&L, performance, risk, cash, attribution/contribution, and Public Market Equivalent (PME) data using the included standard report suite
  • Run custom and ad hoc reports without custom development
  • See a macro view of data across all portfolios by creating high-end data visualizations with built-in Tableau® functionality

Dynamic Data Browser

  • Easily create new data entities
  • Automatically captures and maintains Knowledge Date information for easy comparison and analysis
  • Create and run ad hoc queries and “what if” scenarios

Third-Party Integrations

  • Includes standard integrations with common accounting systems, OMS, risk systems, prime brokers, and fund administrators
  • Links to third-party data visualization platforms such as Tableau and Microsoft® Power BI®
  • Access your data from other systems via API integration
  • Easily and quickly integrate with your existing environment
  • No additional development required

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